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Over 32 Years in the Tree Care Industry!

From the graceful Eucalyptus and Palm trees in Southern California and the mighty Redwoods in Trinity California to the picturesque Poplars of Southern Idaho and the beautiful Pines of the Pacific NorthWest......

At Idaho Stump Guy We Employ a Highly Experienced Crew.
Our Manager, Todd Waddell, has over 32 years in Tree Care and has amassed extensive wisdom & experience in countless arboricultural situations.
Idaho Stump Guy has seen and done it all.
There is No stump too big or too small.
We pride ourselves on solving problems and "Gettin' it Done"!

"Safe, Efficient and Friendly"



We Protect the Natural Environment by accelerating the natural breakdown process of  decomposition. Effectively eliminating the insect infestation phase close to your home or buildings.

Call For a FREE Estimate!  208-969-1404

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